Sunday, December 12, 2010


The third expansion pack to World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, was released this Tuesday. I tried not to jump into the bandwagon so soon, having been in WoW-remission since July, but in the end I bought it on release day. I’m Blizzard’s sheep as awful that might be, I can’t do much about it.

For very practical reasons, I decided to level my Dwarf Paladin as my main character this expansion instead of my perennial main, my Human Rogue. The paladin was my first healer, as soon as he reached 80 I respecced from Retribution (my leveling spec) to Holy (my instancing/raiding spec) and never went back to anything non-healy. Now that dual-spec is very cheap (a 99% drop, from 1000g to 10g), I ended up buying it. I’m going Retribution-Holy, Ret for easier questing, Holy for dungeons. My endgame plan is going Holy/Protection for complete utility, but I’m not sure yet. I’m actually enjoying the Ret playstyle, the remake made it rather rogue-ish. I haven’t abandoned my rogue, he is still my favourite character, but hybrids are just so more useful.

For no actual reason I’m questing at Vashj’ir. I had no idea where to start and followed the first quest I got, the one given telepathically by the Draenei, and ended up underwater. It’s RIDICULOUSLY linear but at least the scenery is pleasant I guess. As I get deeper into the zone it gets kinda scary, it gives me the feeling a gigantic abyssal monster will swallow me whole. The rogue will go to Hyjal for sure.

WoW seems to have fully embraced its "easymode pastime" image, because it keeps getting more and more brainless. You now level at an alarming rate and everything became user-friendly to the point of ridicule. Seriously, there was a quest I had to shoot spears at nagas and I didn’t even had to CLICK the nagas, just click the spears in my inventory (or rather, in the quest log conveniently placed below the minimap – I didn’t even have to search my bags for the quest item) and they would automatically hit the nagas that were passing by, who as a matter of fact didn’t aggro either. There was absolutely ZERO danger in doing this quest. After playing some League of Legends I can definitely notice the difference in a skill-based PvP game and WoW’s grindy leveling/instance playstyle. It’s still fun, but I’m not sure for how long.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

good news and bad news

One of the few good news this week is that Tactics Ogre claimed the top spot in Japan's best selling games. If it's anywhere nearly as good as the original, I can't think of a more deserving position. It's a masterpiece.

On the other hand, two hate crimes against homosexuals recently happened around here, one of them in my city. As it seems, in Brazil if a gay guy comes on to you, beating him up and defacing him with shards of glass is a perfectly reasonable response. Isn't it lovely to live in a civilized country? I can only imagine how it must be.

By the way, I have not yet written an entry on the doujinshi Kojiman released back in AUGUST. I'm a terrible fanboy, I mean, I'm so late he even had a new release last month so I'm two dounjins behind. Sadly I don't have Photoshop after formatting this PC so it's kinda hard to make some preview pics! Anyway, December is coming closer and with it Winter Comiket and another brand new release to look forward to.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

on scruffy models and large asians

- League of Legends is currently consuming all of my free time. It’s too damn addicting! Once you start playing you don’t ever want to stop. Really, queuing for “just one match” is a figment of imagination. I’m still playing mostly the sad mummy Amumu with the Emumu skin (“let’s make some friends!” - awww SO adorable!) and Garen (so incredibly brave and sexy, even though he’s a cheap overpowered bastard).

- I finally rediscovered this t-shirt website called Zazzle (thanks to Lost und Found in translation). I was frantically looking for it because of the hot scruffy long-haired bearded model they have, Darren. I’m posting here in the blog so I don’t ever lose it again. Darren must be my favourite models ever, I wish HE was for sale instead of the shirts he’s wearing. The hair, the beard... he's like a sexy hobo.

- Chilean miners say they didn’t have sex with each other while trapped, but nothing is stopping our dirt minds from turning their hardship into a months-long gay sex orgy. I mean, 68 sexless days? Eight were already way too much for me.

- I never cared much about Asian men until I started dating my boyfriend, who’s half-Japanese half-Chinese. Now I love huge Asians like him (he’s 6’1”, very large and exceedingly huggable!). There's this Japanese guy called Toshi who just won a reality TV show here a few minutes ago and wow, he’s gorgeous! Extra-large and handsome to boot, kinda like a Brazilian Dean Cain. It’s a real shame those people are never seen again after the show is over, I could use more meaty Asian eye-candy. Just look at those pecs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

glee and guilty pleasures

I'm not entirely sure why I like Glee so much. The plot is practically non-existent, the songs' renditions are seldom remarkable, despite being very well chosen, and there's no husky daddy type for me to drool over. Heck, any supermanly dude would suffice, but on Glee there's none in sight. Some episodes are dreadful, like the Britney Spears tribute, which actually made me cringe. The excessive use of autotune is appalling at times. Anyway, quality-wise, the show is pretty bad, yet I eagerly look forward to each week's episode.

I think I like it because Glee is gay. I'm not into a lot of gay things, like partying, grooming, fashion and drug usage, but musicals in general – including Glee – are a gay thing I very much appreciate. While the show was a bit gay at first, boy, this second season is as gay as they get. Kurt seemingly wasn’t enough so they actually put lesbo stuff with cheerleaders. Definitely not something I’m personally interested in, but if it’s gay, it’s nice in my book. Besides, mainstream gay teenager TV shows might bring us a step closer to gay videogames, you never know!

My favourite part of this new season so far is probably the new character Sam Evans. He’s played by a kid called Chord Overstreet (he’s only 3 years younger than me, but calling him "kid" makes me feel so superior and mature!), is "Chord" even a name? Anyway, this might be a sign of me turning pedo and it's something I honestly never saw it coming, but Sam is Glee’s Taylor Lautner. You know, the young athletic boy that’s shirtless for most of his screen time and serves solely as eye-candy. Shameful confession: Lautner’s physique from the movie he bulked up onwards gives me a huge boner. At first I thought it was due to my fondness towards brown-skinned guys, but nah, I like him because he’s exploitable jailbait with a smoking body. I guess I really have pedo tendencies OMG.

Now, Chord Overstreet. He’s like a blond Lautner with gorgeous lips. I confess, I never noticed men even had lips before Chord, he REALLY should be taped sucking a dick 'cause with those lips it would be the best cocksucking tape ever. And if the hot lips weren’t enough, there’s still his heavily-exploited twinky body (he appeared in two episodes so far and in both of them he had shirtless scenes – oh, and he’s also shirtless on the next episode’s preview, he’s playing Rocky Horror for fuck’s sake!) and his dyed hair... well, basically, Chord is a piece of hot, objectified (I love objectified men) jailbait material, and the fact he’s exposing his torso almost all the time means Glee could be dropping homophobic slur and I would still watch it. Well, maybe not, but I would definitely get Chord’s shirtless pictures in for some quality masturbation material.

Even though Glee is deeply flawed and ultimately a bad show, it’s very gay-friendly, which is always a good thing. Plus, in an apparent effort to make up for the lack of male eye-candy in the first season, they decided to add the exploitable Chord Overstreet and the gorgeous Cheyenne Jackson (those eyes, those legs, that ass... man, I wish I were Nathan Lane) to the cast, and have a special guest appearance by the unbearably sexy Javier Bardem (*melts*), so, in the end, I guess I shouldn’t feel that guilty of watching it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

nudity and japanese cuisine

Back in the 90s, a popular Sunday afternoon TV show aired a report on a very peculiar type of... well, "Japanese restaurant", I guess, that served sushi literally on the bodies of naked women. It was dubbed "erotic sushi" and the reporters were shown picking sushi with their hashi from the girls' breasts, thighs and other nether parts, then eating it. Needless to say how it raised all sorts of controversy - everyone in Brazil ended up hearing of erotic sushi in a way or another. Honestly, as a kid, I was disgusted, and since it only showed naked women, it obviously wasn't sexually appealing to me. I did feel it was unfair to cater only to the straight dudes. "There really should be a male erotic sushi", I thought. Not that I would ever actually eat rice from a guy's hairy asshole, though, 'cause that's gross.

Several years later, I came to know through Wikipedia that said practice was called nyotaimori (女体盛り), and OMG, there indeed is a male version of it: nantaimori (男体盛り). Bara fans might remember that in Masanori's amazing game, Hunks Work Shop, one of the your possible jobs was serving sushi on your naked bodies - I find those CGs among the hottest in the game, even though I found it repulsive when I was younger. For some really strange reason it's a major turn on for me today. I mean, I still wouldn't EAT the food cause it looks so freaking dirty and contaminated and all, but the whole submission involved is damn hot. Plus it really makes me think of yakuza, which is awesome (in this blog post they say nyotaimori is associated to organized crime - sweet!). I've seen a few pieces of nantaimori-themed artwork from other artists too, so there must be other nerds in the world who also appreciate it.

Porn always having the same basic plot is a pet peeve of mine. In regular porn they talk, kiss, then fuck each other. In kinkier stuff they might beat each other up, then fuck each other, or maybe be tied up, tortured, then raped. It's cool, sure (especially rape), but I really feel they should explore other fetishes especially when you consider the huge list of paraphilia depicted in Japanese porn. Nantaimori would be INSANELY hot with someone like Vince Ferelli or Paul Wagner. They already do leather submission stuff and they already shave those hairy beasts for no apparent reason other than MAKE ME RAGE (this has nothing to do with nantaoimori, I'm just venting. Leave their body hair alone!), might as well have them serve sushi on top of their nude muscular bodies to slimy creepy businessmen-like old guys, maybe mix in a bunch of twinks, and maybe tape their mouths too... you don't even need the sex, the situation is already hot. Perhaps I'm just a freak really but bodybuilder dominated by non-bodybuilder must the greatest thing on earth.

The oddest thing about nantaimori to me, as if it wasn't odd enough, is how in spite of being such a supposed shithole for gay guys, Japan actually has gay erotic sushi. Japan simply makes no sense when it comes to sex.
(and speaking from experience, it's amazing how being sex-starved for a week will make you think of all sorts of possibly nasty and kinky stuff that you once saw and that has even the slightest chance to be a turn-on)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

being sexless

I went into surgery on Tuesday and I can't have sex or masturbate for one month.

These have possibly been the longest five days in my life. I don't think I ever wanted something to end so badly as I want these 30 days. Maybe graduation... yeah the last semester of university was a nightmare. But then, at least I could touch myself at night (and day, and afternoon).

A porn addict unable to masturbate must be one of God's finest ironies.

Monday, September 6, 2010

league of legends

Part of the reasons I've been neglecting this blog is that I just recently started playing a free-to-play DotA-clone called League of Legends. My sleep deprivation due to compulsive gaming also reached its peak in a while... going to bed routinely at 2:30 AM sucks, but I can't help it!

After cancelling my WoW account while waiting for Cataclysm (as much as I like Blizzard, paying them $15/month for ZERO content seemed too much like a waste) I decided I needed a new game, and, never having played Defense of the Ancients before, I was rather curious about how 5x5 real-time strategy PvP worked. My favourite games are turn-based strategy games, but I played a lot of single-player Warcraft 2 as a kid and I recall greatly enjoying it. I skipped Starcraft and Warcraft 3 due to my Final Fantasy fanboy phase (just like every RPG nerd), so my RTS experiences were really outdated. LoL's colourful design and free-to-playness lured me in.

LoL is like crack cocaine. Shit is addicting and hazardous to your health. Basically, there is a wide variety of Champions (characters you control) ingame, over 50 of them ranging from handsome greatsword-wielding soldiers to pyromaniac 10-year-old girls, including barbarians, demons, ninjas, a pirate, a female Articuno, a robot very reminiscent of Chrono Trigger and an adorable emo mummy kid! All of them are very distinct from each other, but only 10 of them are playable for free each week: the free-to-play roster rotates every Monday and if you want to have permanent access to a character, you must unlock them by paying either RL cash or "Influence Points" (which is earned as a reward at the end of each match). Otherwise you are forced to choose from among the 10 free champions, which isn't as bad as it might seem, since they usually choose a fair spread among tanks, melee DPS, mages and support characters.

LoL is also very competitive, as expected from a PvP game, so the community isn't that friendly once you gain levels and start playing against non-newbies. Nothing unbearable though; I've met a bunch of jerks, but most of the time it's fine. I compare "Normal" games to Battlegrounds (there are "Rated" games later on, comparable to WoW arenas, with an ELO rating and all that) - it's thrilling as PvP usually is but very laid-back and casual at the same time. Rated matches and their ELO rating surely must be very rage-inducing, I'm not certain I'll ever play ranked. The biggest complain seems to revolve around, as in every free-to-play online game, Brazilians. Everyone hates Brazilians in there. Thankfully they have no way to detect your nationality. Nobody I've played with or against knew I'm Brazilian, so thankfully I haven't been harassed due to my unfortunate place of birth.

I main Garen, the hunky soldier guy, but since lately people have been raping my newbie ass - especially casters like the fallen angel Morgana (personally I would prefer being raped by barbarian king Tryndamere, or spartan soldier Pantheon), I've moved on to Amumu, the cute-but-sad mummy kid (who's a frigging tank - awesome!), and I'm having a blast. Great game!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

buenos aires

I made a short trip to Buenos Aires last week, my first time in there. It's a beautiful city, filled with old architecture which I really appreciate. Even though my trip to La Bombonera made me a Boca Juniors fan (the list of clubs I support now is Corinthians, Bayern München, Real Madrid and Boca Juniors), I'd say my favourite things about Buenos Aires were the steak (bife de chorizo is an amazing delicacy. Eating steak twice a day for three days kinda ruined my stomach, though), the ice cream (Persicco is incredible, my favourite flavours are dulce de leche with brownie and crema mascarpone!) and the men. There was this guy who I figured owned the Persicco store in Tucuman x Reconquista (because he wasn't wearing a uniform and he looked very owner-ish)... rugged, manly but still beautiful, almost fashion-model-in-his-late-30's face with slightly grizzling sideburns and so damn meaty thighs you could almost feel through his gray trousers. My boyfriend caught sight of him standing up and apparently he had a gigantic ass, but sadly I didn't had the chance to experience such wonder of nature - he was already sitting behind the counter when I turned to look, all I could see were those thunder thighs. He was amazing.

Oh, I also found it funny that men greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek. I thought that kissing was a gay thing in a gay-friendly town but visibly straight uncle types did it too, it must be usual in there. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, during my stay I didn't bump into Gonzalo Higuain, the best thing Argentina has ever produced (neverminding the fact he is French-born), so I might have to return to Buenos Aires later (neverminding the fact he plays for a Spanish club) to have a chance at tapping that huge ass!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

some great people

For some reason my work’s firewall decided to allow access to basically every site in existence. It went from a tiny whitelist (meaning we could only access work-related government crap sites and some email providers) to a select blacklist (forbidding words like “game”, “porn” and “blog”, although “wordpress”, “ib4f” and “mmo-champion” worked just fine – heh!) to now, allowing almost everything other than Facebook – including YouTube! Good stuff.

Two days ago, Famitsu announced a Tactics Ogre remake by the same team that gave us said masterpiece 15 years ago, Yasumi Matsuno included. It made me so happy I actually cried. I wept over the announcement of a game… I’m such a nerd. Anyway, this inspired me to make a list of some of my favourite people in this world. They are people who never disappoint in what they do.

4. Lateef Crowder (stuntman): he’s Eddy Gordo, there’s not much else to say. I’m a huge Eddy Gordo fan (one of the sexiest fighting characters ever, to me) and when I heard this Brazilian-American stuntman I had never heard of before was going to portray him in the Tekken movie, I had to see if he fit the part. Well, the man is goddamned Eddy Gordo. He’s huge, he’s gorgeous, he’s got the braids and he fucking defies gravity. The man is a monster (a deliciously hot monster, at that). Horrible Portuguese speaker though, but I can forgive him, as long as he takes off his shirt.

3. Keiji Fujiwara (seiyuu, or Japanese voice actor): I fell in love with Keiji Fujiwara first sight (or first hearing?) when I saw (or heard?) Fullmetal Alchemist’s Maes Hughes, several years ago. Back then, I was a huge Asuma fanboy/burgeoning oyaji fanatic and the first Hagaren anime series was newly released (only one or two episodes were out). Hughes was a perfect oyaji: he had facial hair, he was the proud father of a young girl and he was simply adorable in every way possible. But a great deal of his charisma came from his WONDERFUL voice-acting by the masterful Keiji Fujiwara – this man is simply amazing. Considering seiyuu are often typecast into voicing similar characters and mr. Fujiwara tends to get the silly/comedic/scruffy characters (for instance, he voices Shin-chan’s father, Eureka 7’s Holland, Metal Gear Solid 3’s Sigint and frigging Shaggy from Scooby Doo), whenever a new series or game is out, first thing I do is checking if Keiji Fujiwara is voicing anyone. If he is, that means I've already found my favourite character!

2. Yasumi Matsuno (video game creator): around 1994, I was obsessed with a relatively obscure game called Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen. It was a very peculiar real-time strategy with an entrancing plot and several great mechanics. I only managed to play its sequel, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, a few years later, when it was ported to the PS1 and translated. I was in heaven – it was all I wanted in a game. Until I got my dirty nerdy hands in Final Fantasy Tactics, and the world was never the same. The gameplay, the characters, the visuals, the music, the Final Fantasy familiarity and the story: everything about FFT (…other than the translation) was simply perfect. And those three games were handcrafted by the same person of godly caliber, a genius of his time: Yasumi Matsuno. Even the controversial FF12 – it’s most definitely part of my Final Fantasy Top3, in spite of all the hate it gets; I like everything about it, but mostly the Matsuno feel. He, like the others in this list, is someone you can always rely upon, because he never disappoints. Whenever a game has the Matsuno brand, you can be assured it will be mind-blowing. He eats, he breaths, he makes awe-inspiring videogames - that’s just how he is.

1. Shoutaroh Kojima (manga artist and personal god): words cannot describe the greatness that is Kojiman, so I won’t even bother trying. I’ll just say that if I’m addicted to porn, he’s one of the reasons.

Monday, July 12, 2010

congratulations spain

Wow, Spain actually won! Every team I was rooting for lost (France, Argentina and Portugal), so I fully expected Holland to win the thing.

In some aspects it was even better than Brazil winning: watching the finals was less of a heart-attack-inducing experience (being a neutral party instead of supporting your won country is SO less stressful!), plus it meant I could see more of Piqué, Xabi Akonso and David Villa. Hottest World Cup Squad ever. Even Iker Casillas, whose appeal I finally realised: his personality. He seems like a silly, cuddly, adorable, huggable guy. I'm a fan now.

But the match was painful to watch, it's like the Netherlands squad let free all their latent aggressiveness. I'm really glad Spain won! I just hope Brazil claims the Cup in 2014.

Monday, June 28, 2010

world cup's finest men

In celebration of my country's triumph over Chile, I decided to honour the finest men in this World Cup in the form of a top5.

5. Portugal's Raul Meireles

Being young and balding might a kinda crummy combination, but Meireles actually pulls it off quite nicely. Admittedly, he's a bearded Portuguese man and I cannot resist bearded Portuguese men. And those tattoos are really hot... it might sound contradicting but I hate most tattoos. Raul's actually suit him and make him even hotter. Probably because he isn't handsome, but hot in a thuggish way (I love hot thuggish men).

4. Spain's Gerard Piqué

He gives me that Jake Gyllenhaal vibe for some reason, but I find him much sexier than Gyllenhaal. The beard, the eyes and the "rape me please" face. And the body. And... hell, everything, Piqué is amazing in every aspect. Seeing him on the pitch makes me feel like sexually molesting him. I only didn't rate him higher because the top3 is mind-blowing. The whole rumors of him being gay just added to my fantasies and made me love him more.

3. Italy's Daniele de Rossi

Having to order the top3 is a rather pointless endeavour, the guys are simply incredible. I could as well have picked a random order - DDR is number 3 but that doesn't mean he's undeserving of being number two or one (in fact, I think I might be in love with him). He's kinda of a young Daniel Craig, one of my favourite men ever, period, except he manages to look BETTER than DC with his scruffy beard. He also has a penchant for stripping on the pitch (nffffff how can I not love him!), and from what we can see through the underwear, he's nicely endowed. Hot bearded Italian with a big dong who's into taking his clothes off: perfection.

2. USA's Carlos Bocanegra

Ahh, Captain America. He must be the one of the hottest Mexicans ever: Mr. Nice Guy look, beautiful eyes, nice hair, nicely trimmed stubble, great body hair, deliciously thick thighs, sure as hell can take photos, he looks great in every pic I've seen of him. Bocanegra (what a funny name) has got it all. He reminds me of those models in sites like All American Guys, being so perfect in every way it's almost like he's made of plastic. The only flaw I can think of is his arm tattoo, he is far too handsome to permanently mark his beautifully, smooth skin. Perfect people like him should not have tattoos.

1. Australia's Lucas Neill

Okay. Mr. Neill is incredibly hot, no question asked, and he is Australian - always a plus! Besides his amazing body (a tiny bit chunkier than the rest, something I appreciate), he's also got a more "mature" look - the others look young-ish-er, he actually looks 30-something and, well, I like my seasoned men, thank you very much. However, every dude in this top5 also has a nice face and a nice body. I gave Lucas Neil the top spot because he has something that sets him apart from the rest, besides having tried to fondle Cristiano Ronaldo's testicles:

Yeah, the ass. I can't help it... the moment I saw this pic in Kickette I knew Lucas Neill had earned the number one spot. Hell, I might add that huge booty to my list of favourite asses ever. Thank you so much for that gigantic ass, Mr. Neill!

Honorable mentions: Italy's Gianluigi Buffon (so HOT, I feel bad not including him in this post - should've made a top6!) USA's Benny Feilhaber (so damn cute, I wanna hug him to death, and he knows how to make fun of himself too! I love a good sense of humour), Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (he would be in this top5 if he didn't look like he spent more time in the beauty salon than the girl he supposedly dates - the man's got one of the best pair of legs in this world), every goddamed Spanish player (in my fantasies they fuck themselves after the matches), the Latins Diego Lugano from Uruguay and Roque Santa Cruz from Paraguay, and you can't really forget David Beckham, even if he didn't play.

Most overrated: Iker Casillas. Can't see why the fuss surrounding him, really.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

random tidbits

- I have an essay to write, but whenever I lay my eyes on the texts I have to read I fall asleep like a narcoleptic dog. Studying sucks.

- Brazil x Ivory Coast just ended and, wow, it was a damn bloodbath. Didier Drogba, being the tall sexy muscular black man he is, was the only redeeming feature of that horrendous team. Appaling lack of sportsmanship. Bad refereeing was also bad.

- I started watching True Blood yesterday with by boyfriend and I was obviously instantly hooked. Sam Merlotte is the sexiest American man on TV right now, holy Jesus what a fine man. I only watched the first 5 episodes and I'm dying to see the rest. Sookie's grandmother is IDENTICAL to my late grandmother, it's spooky.

- August is coming up and to all Mens Love nerds, like myself, it means one thing: NatsuKomi! Personal God and part-time manga artist Shoutaroh Kojima already reported that he's trying his best to come up with a new book for the event. Thankfully, he says that every Comiket and he never failed to deliver so far - let's hope he's able to keep that perfect record. Drawn muscle oyaji porn by Kojiman, what else could a fanboy ask for?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


World Cup started, with all the expected fuss and chaos. Nothing new here. Those damn horns make watching the matches a MAJOR pain (I was watching England vs USA and after a few minutes I felt the intense desire to MURDER an African), but if I had to choose the one thing that makes me rage the most about World Cup it would be Brazilians rooting for Italy. Really, EVERY Brazilian has some Italian on it, only having an italian family name doesn't make you a unique snowflake, or truly Italian for that matter. Seeing those douchebags with NOTHING remotely Italian on them, no tradition, no language, no connection other than distant ancestry and a name calling themselves Italians is cringeworthy. Funny how this goes in line to what I said earlier about Brazilians not really liking to be Brazilian!

I refuse to support Italy solely due to the fact my great-grandparents were born there. I bet if I moved to Italy they would treat me as a second rate citizen anyway, fuck Berlusconi and fuck Italy. I hope they drop soon. I'm rooting for France, because Franck Ribéry is mai waifu (so ugly, but so awesome <3), and (Brazilians will hate) Argentina, because I love Maradona (...even though seeing him naked might be a disturbing mindfuck) and Lionel Messi is a frigging monster.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

patriotism and derrière

Despite the incoming faux-patriotic surge roused by the World Cup I cannot say Brazilians truly like being Brazilian. "Brazilianhood" is more of a sad fact of life you learn to accept, like earthquakes and religious fanatics. And I say that being of Italian-Spanish-Portuguese-Indian ascent, the most common possible ancestries here in São Paulo. I’m as ordinary a Brazilian as they come (sucky, eh).

We have some few good stuff in here. Food, language, Eddy Gordo and the butts. Brazilians tend to have great asses. But even when it comes to that very welcome quality, I don't thing we are number one. Even though my favourite men in this world are Australian, Scottish, English and Mexican, my current favourite male behinds are from a Spaniard and two Americans. No Brazilians included.

The Spanish butt is from Rafael Nadal, who I would guess doesn't require further commentary (Nadal wedgies For The Motherfucking Win, his wedgies are the sole reason I even know there exists a sport called tennis).

The Americans butts are from a random gorgeous camguy called Jesse Gates (here's a naughty video) and the Patrick Kerney. Kerney's butt must have been handcrafted by God himself, seriously - it's my favourite in this world. In fact, I'd say football players have the sexiest posteriors ever, followed closely by rugby players. Lovely how all those manly sports are non-existent in here - instead we have god-damned FOOTBALL and all those hideous looking players as the national passion. Ugh.
(although... I have to admit there's a handful of good looking football players, none of them from Brazil, obviously - it's like Brazilians have to be facially deformed in order to perform well in the pitch)

I really can’t think of many Brazilians who can compare to Kerney, Jesse and Nadal, and I'm subject to several hot behinds every day. The closest one I can think of is this massive booty from this tall hot blond guy from work. Clearly Brazil is outclassed even in its greatest asset... but, well, it's World Cup, we're the football country, go Brazil! ...oh God, why was I born here. *sigh*

Friday, May 28, 2010

rest in peace gary coleman

I only came to know of him through Avenue Q (and he supposedly wanted to sue the producers for the depiction - being made fun of after you have hit the bottom of the barrel bottom must be kinda sucky), and he wasn't even my favourite character (go Trekkie Monster!), but RIP mr. Coleman.

Friday, May 21, 2010

my old livejournal

Reading my old LiveJournal brought me so many good memories. College stuff, cosplay woes (I haven't cosplayed in like 6 years), my very early days at World of Warcraft, intense Musashi fanboy highs, random anime and manga chatter from the days before I sworn myself off manga and anime because they consumed my life (rather hypocritical considering I've been WoWing for over two years)... I miss those times. It feels like so long ago and everything seemed so much easier.

Looking back, it seems funny how, even though I wasn't open to my RL friends, I never hid my unhealthy liking of oyaji and manly guys. I mean, I wrote about mens love, even if not saying out loud that it was Mens Love... I wonder if they ever googled the crap I wrote in there and had a nasty surprise, heh! I was also wordier and more prolific. I think now that I'm older, I don't have much to say - or maybe I realised silly pointless rambling of youths really shouldn't be published in the internet. My appreciation for clean, monochromatic, minimalist blog layouts didn't change much... then again, I'm a bureaucrat, not an artist.

I liked my LiveJournal so much. I regret having abandoned it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a fanboy high

Today I had lunch my boyfriend in the Japanese neighbourhood and we decide to look for Mens Love books in a nearby Japanese bookstore. I’ve seen Gengoroh Tagame, Takeshi Matsu and Tsukasa Matsuzaki books in there on previous occasions, but it hasn't had anything "bara" for quite a while. I always wondered if they actually manage to sell those, considering Mens Love is still obscure around here (although it's pretty obvious that the books would still be there if they weren't sold).

Not thinking I would find anything of note, I take a quick, casual glance at the manga shelves... only to find a copy of Shoutaroh Kojima’s old compilation from 2007, Koisuru Ossan (恋するおっさん, or “The Fellow Who... Falls in Love”), my number one favourite Mens Love publication in this very world.

In shock, I grab the book to take a closer look. My boyfriend assures me I’m not dreaming. I already had it - I placed an order in Rainbow Shoppers as soon as it was made available several years ago. But being as big a fanboy as I am, could I manage to put it back in the shelf where I found it? It’s frigging Koisuru Ossan!

I’m now R$ 35 poorer and the proud owner of two copies of the best Mens Love compilation ever published.

Monday, May 10, 2010

quests and the importance of narrative

In World of Warcraft, quests are mostly seen as a means to an end. You do them because they are an efficient leveling method, not because you particularly enjoy doing them (especially considering most of them are variations of the infamous "kill 10 rats" cliché). Almost all players check the "instant quest text" option and don't even read the role-play part of the quest text - we skip to the objectives. Quests that can be considered a mean in themselves are very few and far between.

I recently came across a particularly good quest from Vanilla WoW: Until Death Do Us Part. It's a grim, depressing quest from an Undead mother who asks you to place a pendant in the grave of her late husband. However, this isn't a tribute to honour his death or anything alike – she wants to get rid of the necklace that reminds her of him because he failed in protecting them from the Plague! He was a paladin whose only concern in life was "the Light", and he ended up neglecting his wife and children in order to fight the Plague. She was left all alone in raising the kids and when the Scourge won, they ended up infected by the very evil he fought so much against. Indeed, she has no reason to be grateful.

(BTW, this is one of the reason I cannot relate to the Forsaken. As a commenter said, the Plague changed them. They don't have human feelings. It's all very alien and unsettling)

There is no redeeming end. Since you turn in the quest at his grave, there is no dialogue, but rather gloomy, haunting narrative. I take the liberty of copypasting: "You place the worthless pendant on the grave, and the gemstone within the setting seems to dull noticeably. As you stand to leave, you look down at the pendant; it lies lifelessly over the hands of the relief sculpted into the top of the coffin. Your thoughts are interrupted by a stiff, cool breeze passing over the Sepulcher. For a moment everything around you is silent."

The peculiar pessimism of the quest made it a favorite. It's a major classic to me, in the veins of Pamela Redpath (the most heartwarming quest ever), Saving Sharpbeak, Tirion's quest chain in Plaguelands, Linken's odyssey and the sweet references to Zelda and Bridenbrad's attempted, but ultimately unsuccessful rescue.

MMOs aren't well known by their plots, they even have "lore" instead - a very malleable backstory that often seems to be all but an afterthought. It's remarkable that there are quests who, in spite of being contained in a media that by design is almost wholly deprived of depth, somehow manage to bring out emotions of the player. Good narrative being such an underutilized tool might be the genre's biggest shame.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

no gay shepherd

So you cannot have a gay Shepherd in Mass Effect 2. A shame, really. I was looking forward to be gay in Mass Effect 2.

The biggest disappointment is that this came from Bioware, out of all developers. After Dragon Age Origins, a superb game, I trusted they could be relied on for arguably tasteful homosexuality in games. But I guess only elves are stereotyped enough to fill the unwelcome role of gay character.

Friday, April 30, 2010

digiket registration

In order to be able to pay with with WebMoney at Digiket, you now need to be registered. This is a quick tutorial on registering, starting from the front page. You do NOT need a Japanese proxy for this procedure!

1st step: click the circled button in the banner. It will take you to this page, a secure connection.

2nd step: Look for the 電子マネー (electronic money) option, then click the button to advance to the next step.

3rd step: Now you have to fill in the form. The first box has to be checked, it means you agree to the terms. Then it's name, sex, birth date, postal code, phone number, email address and something about a bishoujo magazine I checked anyway because the tutorial I read at ib4f's /bara/ board told me to. You can make up those info, but be sure to remember them (at least birth date, postal code and phone number) cause you'll use them later. If you put too many characters in those fields, it'll display an error and you have to fix it - the ones in the pic have the precise number of characters needed.

Email address can be an issue. I tried using my regular email addresses but those wouldn't work. Therefore, I recommend signing up for a free Japanese-based webmail service. I used, which was recommended by the tutorial at /bara/, and it worked perfectly.

(EDIT: my friend Shawn has assured me Gmail works too. So there is absolutely no need for a Japanese email account to register, then - or anything Japanese whatsoever!)

4th step: Just confirm the data you are sending, and click the button. If it takes you to a blank page with only a message saying "申し込み申請内容に問題があります。", it means your application has a problem. With me, that problem was the email address - when I tried putting a, it worked just fine.

After that, wait for the confirmation email, click the link, confirm your birth date, phone number and zip code and you are all set. Feel free to start your spending spree, but don't forget to buy some WebMoney at Kanetrade or SuToCorp first!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

bakuman by kojiman

Shoutaroh Kojima, my own personal god, took us all by surprise and released a brand new doujinshi in Digiket: ニッチ・ボッチ・ステーション (Nicchi-Bocchi Station, whatever that means), featuring Miura from Bakuman. Nevermind the fact Miura is a chubby nerd in the series - in Kojiman's world even chubby nerds pack bodybuilder physiques! (and go to work with butt plugs up their rectums)

As a huge Shoutaroh Kojima fanboy, I couldn't conceive not making a day-one purchase (read: I skipped classes to buy it). Here's a sample!

You can make the purchase and check more sample artwork here, but be forewarned that Digiket has made sure foreigners will have to go though hell in order to make a purchase! Japanese hating foreigners? I know, right. You now have to be a member now to pay with WebMoney, the most readily available payment method for us foreigners. I'll try to write a tutorial later.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

a game investor

When I was young I wished I could be a videogame developer to create my own games. Those childish dreams soon faded with the coming of age, but now I realize that perhaps I should have wished for something different: to be an investor in the gaming industry. These days investors seem to have as power in actual gamemaking as the developer themselves . Possibly even more – just how often do we hear "this and that were changed/simplified/bastardized to make the game more appealing to the masses" That’s investor interference if I ever saw one. And it’s not strange at all: it might actually be the natural course, given how videogames have become such a major moneymaking industry.

Take Hideo Kojima. He might be married, but in my mind he’s as gay as a glittery butterfly. No straight man would provide us with so much gay fanservice – Vamp, Volgin, Snake’s incredibly well rendered butt, cloned Snakes doing naughty stuff inside a cardboard box, scenes of Snake masturbating... etc. But even being the renowned mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series, I don’t think he could go all the way on the gayness factor without it being vetoed by the big people behind the screens. Were I the one financing Metal Gear Solid XYZ, heavy homosexual undertones in MGS would be welcomed with arms wide open (for instance, cleavage needs not be restricted to EVA – Snake manboobs FTW).

If I wanted to take part in gamemaking, I don’t think I would study programming or art. I would major in business administration and fund games. Then I would definitely be able to finance gay developers and allow plenty of gay-friendliness in the gaming industry.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

movie autism

Is there such a thing as "movie autism"? Because movies usually don’t impact me the way they should. It’s like when I watch a movie, I watch my own private version of the movie, instead of the actual movie. I’m scared by stuff that weren’t supposed to be scary, and I cry when I’m not supposed to cry.

For instance, I cried buckets through all of How To Train Your Dragon. I'm saying I cried in almost every scene, and it isn’t even close to being an emotional tear-jerker (for what it's worth, dramas seldom if ever made me cry). And the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my life is... 2001: A Space Odyssey. I watched back when I was 14 and it gave me a month of sleepless nights. I remember I was terrified of silence for months after seeing it. I really think that movie is the most psychologically disturbing piece of mindfuck ever made.

A friend at work was telling me how he doesn’t like David Lynch’s storytelling. Out of his movies I’ve only seen Mulholland Drive and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, or whatever I made out of it. In fact, if that movie hadn’t scared the crap out of me, I would have watched every other David Lynch film. The only one I saw made me a fan... maybe since I don’t watch movies themselves, but rather the autistic creations of my mind, bizarreness isn’t all that of a turn off. I can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland. It opens this week here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

gays in games

Despite the traditional fanservice, sexual innuendo and lustful voluptuous women, I never considered videogames in general all that sexual. The oversexed imagery and female exploitation was mostly catering to the wide audience of sex-starved virgin nerds – actual sex has historically been a fairly rare occurrence on games not specifically created to have sex as a selling point. While there has always been the usual share of romantic relationships, references to sexuality were mostly indirect. Things might be changing this last decade, when storyline became a major part of most gaming genres and adult games seem to be well-received. Admittedly, those aren’t my favourite type of games, but they exist and are displays of a modern trend that brings videogames closer to other medias, movies in particular (and not only in the sense that you watch more than you play).

However, it bothers me how even with the "newfound adulthood" of videogames, references to homosexuality in mainstream gaming has to be shown either a deviant behaviour or as jokes, or ways to generate awkward moments for the straight dudes holding the controller. Not necessarily offensive (personally, I don’t recall being offended – maybe I’ve forgotten), but seldom usual. There are examples of gay-friendliness, usually in games with an open-ended bent. Funny how whenever I play one of those I do as a gay character... I wonder why. Fable II’s way of handling homosexuality is probably my favourite of the bunch: you can flirt with guys and even marry one. As a matter of fact, this fact about this game was one of the deciding factors that led me to buy an Xbox 360 instead of a PS3 (a shame I found out most of the gay guys are bald and ugly). I also heard in Bully you can be romantically involved with another kid, but I never played it. There’s always The Sims, which to me is more asexual than gay-friendly, but that might be too subtle a distinction. In Dragon Age Origins you can fuck an elf, but he’s a morally ambiguous bisexual elf, which by itself carries all sorts of connotations. There’s Volgin in MGS3 who fucks an effeminate dude, but he’s a nasty sadistic Russian villain, and so on. These might be welcome signs that things are changing, but I don’t think it would hurt if the homosexual characters didn’t have those negative undertones.

In the most social gaming genre ever, MMORPGs, homosexuality is a touchy issue. There has been major media backlash related to World of Warcraft when Blizzard threatened to ban people who were advertising a LGBT-only guild, a telling anecdote that shows how even major studios aren’t certain of the best way to deal with gays on MMOs. But honestly, I think most of the problems aren’t the developers’ fault: you have to blame the (mostly horrible) community. As long as the word "gay" is used as a swear word, things will stay that crummy way in MMOs, and I doubt developers could have any influence on that.

I wish there were more games of whatever genre that featured gay heroes – not necessarily "gay games" (although I would certainly love 100% gay games - gimme more Japanese gay dating sims!), Fable 2 isn’t a gay game and there’s a fair amount of gayness in there. The gay characters need not be main characters, but necessarily need not be oddities or psychos or whatever mental disturb people associate with homosexuals. You don’t need to show guys fucking other guys in order to have gay characters. Gays in games have already been done in a tasteful manner, and I see no firm reason other than prejudice for them not to be more widespread. We most certainly have more than enough straight heroes already.

Friday, March 19, 2010

newbie envy

I was walking around Orgrimmar when I passed by an unguilded level 10 Troll Priest with a very ugly haircut. I had nothing to do while queued for a Battleground, so I figured, might as well inspect him. He had several pieces of green cloth gear crafted by himself (with stats like +2 Spirit/+1 Intellect), a +5 Health enchant to Chest, a Lesser Magic Wand also crafted by himself and a green Mace Of Strength. He was just standing there, probably AFK. I didn't try to start a conversation or anything. A few minutes later, I got the message prompting me to join Warsong Gulch.

This pointless random encounter actually made me all fuzzy and teary eyed. We were very alike - both Troll Priests - but we were just so different at the same time. I could clearly notice he was just starting out. Everything is fresh and new to him, every new zone a never-before-seen experience. He's using the extremely adorable lowbie green gear he crafts, I'm never satisfied with my high-powered optimized dungeon drops. All in all, I think he's currently having more fun than me. Probably just as much fun I had when I first started killing Defias bandits in Elwynn Forest with my lowly Human Rogue - that is, LOADS of fun.

When he learns to inspect other people, he'll start checking the beautifully geared, fully epic'd people in Orgrimmar, and probably start to envy their gear. Little he knows that he is the one to be envied. A few months later, he will be able to have all those epics he once envied, while the fully epic'd guys, like myself, will NEVER again be able to experience the game the way he is experiencing it now. Our eyes are already jaded, we can't ever be subject again to the same sense of overwhelming wonderment of getting to explore Azeroth for the first time.

I remember an old WoW advert that said: "It's not a game. It's a world". I don't think you that line is appropriate nowadays - WoW has, without a doubt, turned into much less of a world and much more of a game. But I wonder if for newbies like that Troll Priest, less cynical and more open than we grizzled veterans, WoW can still be truly a World of Warcraft.

Monday, March 8, 2010

brokeback depression

I saw Brokeback Mountain for the first time yesterday. That film left me so goddamn depressed and made me think about being a homosexual. It's not something I really give much thought to. I've accepted the fact I'm gay long ago, and I'm perfectly fine with it. But after seeing the movie, the world’s heterocentrism started to bother me. Do we have to always be treated as freaks? It's not fair. I wish the world was different.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

alliance in disguise‏

My Troll Priest hit 68 this week and is already Northrendbound. I hadn't leveled a toon in a long while, since before Dual Spec was released, and, wow... it's REALLY a life-changing feature. Coupled with the Dungeon Finder, undoubtedly WotLK's greatest success (not like there are many), being Disc/Shadow is almost everything you could ask for levling a toon. Whenever I'm bored of quest grinding, which is far from a rare occurrence, I can just hit the "I" key, queue as a healer - which are usually in short supply - hit "N", respec Discipline and heal an instance. Dungeons give me tons of XP, usually more than I would get if I spent the same amount of time questing, plus a shot at nice blue gear. I think only Druids have it easier, if they go Feral/Resto they can queue as Healer, Tank AND DPS! That must be the most awesomest way to level a toon.

I love loveloveloveluuurrrve trolls. They are so damn awesome. The Priest is the third iteration of my first toon, who started as a Troll Shaman and later became a Troll Rogue. Both of those times they were abandoned because of my faithful Alliance heart, but Troll Priest is such a great combination (plus Dual Spec, plus Dungeon Finder, plus interfaction Bind-on-Account transfering, plus built-in Quest Helper...). I just fell in love. I'd put trolls in my "hardcore race" category, together with dwarves. Even though they aren't sexy, like the bearded daddy humans or Slavic bodybuilding draenei, they still have an almost irresistible appeal to them. Maybe because they are ugly. Regardless, when you see a troll player, you can tell he's either a griefer (although gnomes are still the premiere griefing race IMHO), or a hardcore player who doesn't care about his looks - beauty is overrated, "mojo" (or, for Dwarves, "true manliness") is what really counts!

The ugly side of leveling a Horde toon stems from my firmly rooted Alliance mentality. I feel extremely bad about killing Alliance people in quests. One of my first Howling Fjord quests had me fly a griffon a bat and drop poisonous bombs on Alliance ships... it was horrible. I also couldn't feel at home in Horde cities, they are so different. I'm fond of the fact that Northrend orc cities are more "steampunk" than "slum", and Undead towns give off a rather pleasant Victorian vibe, dare I say... so currently, it's not that bad (and Dalaran is as Ally as it gets).

Now, PvPing is truly painful. Thankfully, I can PvP as a healer, and I always do. This way I don't really have to KILL Ally - I let the cows and the orcs do the dirty work. But sometimes a Dwarf or Draenei Paladin or Hunter (it seems like it's always either a Pally or a Hunter) feels like stalking me. That really sucks, and I have no choice - its Ally-clobbering time, "for the Horde!" and all that jazz. So don't you Alliance dare to mess with us Horde healers - we might be fellow Allys in disguise who in truth don't feel like killing you! Don't leave us with no choice but to rape your sorry ass.

Monday, March 1, 2010

ferelli and the trannies

My favourite porn star and one of my Top 5 hottest guys ever, Vince Ferelli, is defecting to transexual porn because "that's his sexual preference". Nothing against trannies, but that made me realise how closed-minded I am. I never really expected a gorgeous, husky man like Vince to be into shemales.

I'm still mourning this fact. I hope this tranny porn venture doesn't last long and he comes back to being fucked by actual men in a regular basis. Self-centered, yeah... but he's a damned porn star. He's supposed to cater to OUR desires, not his own - all while being submissive and gang-rape-happy (hmmm).

I mean, he didn't really have to QUIT gay porn. Just do both.

In my ideal world, all hot men would be gay and unable to decline requests of being recorded while having sex with whoever I choose.

Friday, February 12, 2010

a hate list

I hate...

... how my PC crashed for the millionth time this Monday and is currently inoperant. When you consider it's only two years and four months old, it shouldn't crash THAT often. I'm having to do with my previous machine, which is close to EIGHT years old and still running (like a God-forsaken lethargic snail, but it's something). I ordered myself a new PC already, but since it's FUCKING CARNAVAL in Brazil (grrr) it won't arrive until next Friday the earliest.

... how Cabaret was never released in Brazil and I have no legal way to watch the damned movie. I will likely have to resort to a torrent... which probably won't even work in the typrewriter I'm currently making use of. Grrr.

... how fucking long it's taking for new Glee episodes to be aired, I want my Idina Menzel goodness already! I promise if she doesn't sing anything Wicked I'll maim a puppy. It doesn't even have to be Defying Gravity... I'm okay with The Wizard and I. (*feels giddy*)

... how it's either scorching hot in São Paulo or raining cats and dogs (or raining cats and dogs while being scorching hot - never frogs though and for that I'm glad - frogs are kinda bloated and creepy). To add insult to injury, the rain usually starts pouring the exact moment I set foot on the street as I leave work. Why does it even have to be that way?

Geez, I need to get laid. Thankfully it's almost Saturday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

why I love japanese porn

Even though I find Japanese culture interesting and the language entrancing, I'm far from being a Japanophile. Still, I've been obsessed with Japanese porn (especially porn manga) for several years already... and there's a reason for that. Several, actually. Japanese are so helplessly perverted you can usually find cool stuff if you look hard enough - I especially like how Japanese gay porn is almost inevitably non-con!

Here's a short anecdote that shows how Japan is undeniably superior when it comes to random naughtiness.

SanDisk, a manufacturer of memory sticks, saw fit to publish an ad inspired by classic console RPGs. It shows a typical old-school RPG shop and among options such as "strongest sword" (最強の剣) and "strongest armor" (最強の鎧), you choose to purchase the "strongest memory card" (最強のメモリーカード). The shopkeeper (店主), then, praises your choice, saying you have a sharp eye for picking the SanDisk memory card.

This ad alone would suffice to show how Japanese nerds do cool stuff. Where else would you find an ad like that?
But this post is about Japanese porn. So... if you look closely, you might notice the shopkeeper is a sexy chubby oyaji. This just cannot be ignored! Naturally, a couple Japanese otaku decided to draw gay fanart with the shopkeeper being sexually assaulted, having memory cards being shoved up his urethra and all that stuff.

(I suck at censoring)

Now, tell me: where else would you find pornographic fanart of a random character made up for a frigging memory stick add? That's Japanese porn for you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tom of finland

My boyfriend gave me Tom of Finland XXL for Christmas. Shipping took its time, and the book arrived last week. I finally got to put my dirty hands on it by this weekend, but only had a chance to give it a quick glance. First impression: The XXL in its name is no joke, the book is frigging massive. It's REALLY big. The quality, both of the artwork and the physical book itself, is faultless as expected. Bookstores here price it at something close to one thousand reais (about 550 US Dollars), and my boyfriend paid $126 on Amazon, plus shipping. I'd say it was a great deal if he managed to pay less than 400 dollars for overseas shipping, which I'm sure he did - even if it meant missing Christmas day!

(...although, to be honest, that was something I didn't mind at all. As accepting as my family is, coming home with a gigantic tome packed-full with anal sex and gay orgies isn't very... Christmas-like)

I first found out about Tom of Finland as a horny homosexual in my early teens. Needless to say I was instantly... captivated. Some years later, after finding about "bara" manga, my focus shifted to the East and I kind of left ToF behind. But I still hold Tom's artwork in high regard, and this book is the perfect reminder to how the guy is a genius. I'm really enjoying it, if you catch my drift.

(piece of trivia: in his site, Gengoroh Tagame mentions Tom of Finland as an influence and one of the horny things in his late teens - I can relate. So, although Tagame is very peculiar for "bara" standards - or, shall we say, a more traditional artist, in comparison to the usual "bara" videogame-Anime otaku fanartists - you could argue there's a bit of Tom even in "bara" manga)

Now I just have to find a place in my room to store it. I can't fit it my gay manga cardboard box. Gee!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the voodoo shuffle‏

I've decided to finally level my Troll Priest now that you can send heirloom items through factions and the default WoW UI displays quest objectives. Dinged 26 yesterday, and I'm having a blast. He was originally Shadow-spec, not that it made much of a difference, still - but I quickly went Smite build with Glyph of Smite as soon as I learned Holy Fire at level 20. This way, with the same spec I can both grind mobs and heal random dungeons, which are by far the best source of XP these days (and if I queue as a healer I usually get a spot very fast). I gain like half a level worth of XP every run, plus a shot at getting blue gear. Healing is relatively easy at lower levels and healing is what I planned on doing anyway. In fact I'm consdering speccing Disc at 60 for Penance and just stick to healing instances to level.

The switch to Horde is... awkward. Trolls are completely awesome and Priests are an ideal fit IMHO (I would never pick another race), but I feel horrible on BGs. I'm an Alliance player at heart, I love the Alliance in spite of all its shortcomings. I feel particularly bad when I kill dwarves. I avoid doing that the best I can (except pesky Dwarf Hunters just LOVE to target me with their Aimed Shots... 50% healing reduction at level 26 is simply ridiculous).

I'm having lots of fun, maybe even more than I've had with raiding these days (farming ICC-10 already got old after three weeks). And with my crammed schedule this coming year, it might end up being my only WoW activity for a fairly long time.