Wednesday, August 11, 2010

buenos aires

I made a short trip to Buenos Aires last week, my first time in there. It's a beautiful city, filled with old architecture which I really appreciate. Even though my trip to La Bombonera made me a Boca Juniors fan (the list of clubs I support now is Corinthians, Bayern München, Real Madrid and Boca Juniors), I'd say my favourite things about Buenos Aires were the steak (bife de chorizo is an amazing delicacy. Eating steak twice a day for three days kinda ruined my stomach, though), the ice cream (Persicco is incredible, my favourite flavours are dulce de leche with brownie and crema mascarpone!) and the men. There was this guy who I figured owned the Persicco store in Tucuman x Reconquista (because he wasn't wearing a uniform and he looked very owner-ish)... rugged, manly but still beautiful, almost fashion-model-in-his-late-30's face with slightly grizzling sideburns and so damn meaty thighs you could almost feel through his gray trousers. My boyfriend caught sight of him standing up and apparently he had a gigantic ass, but sadly I didn't had the chance to experience such wonder of nature - he was already sitting behind the counter when I turned to look, all I could see were those thunder thighs. He was amazing.

Oh, I also found it funny that men greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek. I thought that kissing was a gay thing in a gay-friendly town but visibly straight uncle types did it too, it must be usual in there. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, during my stay I didn't bump into Gonzalo Higuain, the best thing Argentina has ever produced (neverminding the fact he is French-born), so I might have to return to Buenos Aires later (neverminding the fact he plays for a Spanish club) to have a chance at tapping that huge ass!


  1. Hey, argentina sounds like fun ! i'm going there in a few weeks and i've been looking for furnished apartments in buenos aires , do you have any tip? i mean, like which zone is better and that stuff


  2. Hey! My favourite neighborhoods were Recoleta and Puerto Madero (by the Rio de la Plata). I haven't been to Palermo but it's supposed to be the trendy, expensive place.