Monday, July 12, 2010

congratulations spain

Wow, Spain actually won! Every team I was rooting for lost (France, Argentina and Portugal), so I fully expected Holland to win the thing.

In some aspects it was even better than Brazil winning: watching the finals was less of a heart-attack-inducing experience (being a neutral party instead of supporting your won country is SO less stressful!), plus it meant I could see more of Piqué, Xabi Akonso and David Villa. Hottest World Cup Squad ever. Even Iker Casillas, whose appeal I finally realised: his personality. He seems like a silly, cuddly, adorable, huggable guy. I'm a fan now.

But the match was painful to watch, it's like the Netherlands squad let free all their latent aggressiveness. I'm really glad Spain won! I just hope Brazil claims the Cup in 2014.

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  1. Que Espanha que nada... quero é saber daquele Thor(a)... hahahaha!!! Adorei a dica e já postei na VJ!!!! Hugzzzzzzz!