Friday, May 21, 2010

my old livejournal

Reading my old LiveJournal brought me so many good memories. College stuff, cosplay woes (I haven't cosplayed in like 6 years), my very early days at World of Warcraft, intense Musashi fanboy highs, random anime and manga chatter from the days before I sworn myself off manga and anime because they consumed my life (rather hypocritical considering I've been WoWing for over two years)... I miss those times. It feels like so long ago and everything seemed so much easier.

Looking back, it seems funny how, even though I wasn't open to my RL friends, I never hid my unhealthy liking of oyaji and manly guys. I mean, I wrote about mens love, even if not saying out loud that it was Mens Love... I wonder if they ever googled the crap I wrote in there and had a nasty surprise, heh! I was also wordier and more prolific. I think now that I'm older, I don't have much to say - or maybe I realised silly pointless rambling of youths really shouldn't be published in the internet. My appreciation for clean, monochromatic, minimalist blog layouts didn't change much... then again, I'm a bureaucrat, not an artist.

I liked my LiveJournal so much. I regret having abandoned it.

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