Monday, March 1, 2010

ferelli and the trannies

My favourite porn star and one of my Top 5 hottest guys ever, Vince Ferelli, is defecting to transexual porn because "that's his sexual preference". Nothing against trannies, but that made me realise how closed-minded I am. I never really expected a gorgeous, husky man like Vince to be into shemales.

I'm still mourning this fact. I hope this tranny porn venture doesn't last long and he comes back to being fucked by actual men in a regular basis. Self-centered, yeah... but he's a damned porn star. He's supposed to cater to OUR desires, not his own - all while being submissive and gang-rape-happy (hmmm).

I mean, he didn't really have to QUIT gay porn. Just do both.

In my ideal world, all hot men would be gay and unable to decline requests of being recorded while having sex with whoever I choose.

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