Friday, September 24, 2010

nudity and japanese cuisine

Back in the 90s, a popular Sunday afternoon TV show aired a report on a very peculiar type of... well, "Japanese restaurant", I guess, that served sushi literally on the bodies of naked women. It was dubbed "erotic sushi" and the reporters were shown picking sushi with their hashi from the girls' breasts, thighs and other nether parts, then eating it. Needless to say how it raised all sorts of controversy - everyone in Brazil ended up hearing of erotic sushi in a way or another. Honestly, as a kid, I was disgusted, and since it only showed naked women, it obviously wasn't sexually appealing to me. I did feel it was unfair to cater only to the straight dudes. "There really should be a male erotic sushi", I thought. Not that I would ever actually eat rice from a guy's hairy asshole, though, 'cause that's gross.

Several years later, I came to know through Wikipedia that said practice was called nyotaimori (女体盛り), and OMG, there indeed is a male version of it: nantaimori (男体盛り). Bara fans might remember that in Masanori's amazing game, Hunks Work Shop, one of the your possible jobs was serving sushi on your naked bodies - I find those CGs among the hottest in the game, even though I found it repulsive when I was younger. For some really strange reason it's a major turn on for me today. I mean, I still wouldn't EAT the food cause it looks so freaking dirty and contaminated and all, but the whole submission involved is damn hot. Plus it really makes me think of yakuza, which is awesome (in this blog post they say nyotaimori is associated to organized crime - sweet!). I've seen a few pieces of nantaimori-themed artwork from other artists too, so there must be other nerds in the world who also appreciate it.

Porn always having the same basic plot is a pet peeve of mine. In regular porn they talk, kiss, then fuck each other. In kinkier stuff they might beat each other up, then fuck each other, or maybe be tied up, tortured, then raped. It's cool, sure (especially rape), but I really feel they should explore other fetishes especially when you consider the huge list of paraphilia depicted in Japanese porn. Nantaimori would be INSANELY hot with someone like Vince Ferelli or Paul Wagner. They already do leather submission stuff and they already shave those hairy beasts for no apparent reason other than MAKE ME RAGE (this has nothing to do with nantaoimori, I'm just venting. Leave their body hair alone!), might as well have them serve sushi on top of their nude muscular bodies to slimy creepy businessmen-like old guys, maybe mix in a bunch of twinks, and maybe tape their mouths too... you don't even need the sex, the situation is already hot. Perhaps I'm just a freak really but bodybuilder dominated by non-bodybuilder must the greatest thing on earth.

The oddest thing about nantaimori to me, as if it wasn't odd enough, is how in spite of being such a supposed shithole for gay guys, Japan actually has gay erotic sushi. Japan simply makes no sense when it comes to sex.
(and speaking from experience, it's amazing how being sex-starved for a week will make you think of all sorts of possibly nasty and kinky stuff that you once saw and that has even the slightest chance to be a turn-on)

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