Thursday, May 13, 2010

a fanboy high

Today I had lunch my boyfriend in the Japanese neighbourhood and we decide to look for Mens Love books in a nearby Japanese bookstore. I’ve seen Gengoroh Tagame, Takeshi Matsu and Tsukasa Matsuzaki books in there on previous occasions, but it hasn't had anything "bara" for quite a while. I always wondered if they actually manage to sell those, considering Mens Love is still obscure around here (although it's pretty obvious that the books would still be there if they weren't sold).

Not thinking I would find anything of note, I take a quick, casual glance at the manga shelves... only to find a copy of Shoutaroh Kojima’s old compilation from 2007, Koisuru Ossan (恋するおっさん, or “The Fellow Who... Falls in Love”), my number one favourite Mens Love publication in this very world.

In shock, I grab the book to take a closer look. My boyfriend assures me I’m not dreaming. I already had it - I placed an order in Rainbow Shoppers as soon as it was made available several years ago. But being as big a fanboy as I am, could I manage to put it back in the shelf where I found it? It’s frigging Koisuru Ossan!

I’m now R$ 35 poorer and the proud owner of two copies of the best Mens Love compilation ever published.

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  1. "YOUR BOYFRIEND"?!?!?
    Arrasado agora... hahahaha!
    E "mais imersivo" foi ótimo pra definir o pornô 3D... hahaha!