Thursday, October 21, 2010

on scruffy models and large asians

- League of Legends is currently consuming all of my free time. It’s too damn addicting! Once you start playing you don’t ever want to stop. Really, queuing for “just one match” is a figment of imagination. I’m still playing mostly the sad mummy Amumu with the Emumu skin (“let’s make some friends!” - awww SO adorable!) and Garen (so incredibly brave and sexy, even though he’s a cheap overpowered bastard).

- I finally rediscovered this t-shirt website called Zazzle (thanks to Lost und Found in translation). I was frantically looking for it because of the hot scruffy long-haired bearded model they have, Darren. I’m posting here in the blog so I don’t ever lose it again. Darren must be my favourite models ever, I wish HE was for sale instead of the shirts he’s wearing. The hair, the beard... he's like a sexy hobo.

- Chilean miners say they didn’t have sex with each other while trapped, but nothing is stopping our dirt minds from turning their hardship into a months-long gay sex orgy. I mean, 68 sexless days? Eight were already way too much for me.

- I never cared much about Asian men until I started dating my boyfriend, who’s half-Japanese half-Chinese. Now I love huge Asians like him (he’s 6’1”, very large and exceedingly huggable!). There's this Japanese guy called Toshi who just won a reality TV show here a few minutes ago and wow, he’s gorgeous! Extra-large and handsome to boot, kinda like a Brazilian Dean Cain. It’s a real shame those people are never seen again after the show is over, I could use more meaty Asian eye-candy. Just look at those pecs.

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