Monday, February 20, 2012

nikutai ha gachi volume 2

I didn't know but Nikutai Ha Gachi (肉体派ガチ), the brand-new version of our good old mens love anthology Nikutai Ha (肉体派), has its own section in in Aqua Comics' website. I saw there that Nikutai Ha's first volume was released in 2005. Two thousand five. Considering I was already a seasoned veteran from the Kinniku Otoko days back when Nikutai Ha launched, that sure makes me feel old.

In any case, Nikutai Ha Gachi's 2nd volume is out in a couple days (February 23rd), and the cover is drawn by our very own fan favourite, Shoutaroh Kojima!

This issue's theme is 雄尻 ("oshiri"), or, from what I could understand, "male asses". I can't say I don't appreciate their choice.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

my favourite south park episode

South Park has been one of my favourite shows since I was like, 13. That's well over a decade. A while back I found out the official site had full episodes available and I've been watching it every now and then.

Recently I watched You're Getting Old, the latest season's mid-season finale. It's one of those unconventional episodes that don't follow the typical pattern of the TV shows they are from, and it's extremely difficult to watch if you're a fan. Stan celebrates his 10th birthday and becomes unable to have fun with anything. Everything to him looks and sounds like crap - it's greatly exaggerated, but so many things do seem to become less fun as you grow old. Because he can't have fun with anything, his friends don't want to hang out with him anymore. His family also starts to fall apart and basically his life takes a turn to the worst.

It really had an impact on me. I can only imagine how tough it must have been to the fans when the mid-season ended like that, it pretty much looked like the show was done for! Thankfully I watched it a few months after its original airing and therefore I knew the series didn't end (the solution Stan found to bring his life back to normal in the following episode was becoming an alcoholic). That episode has become one of my favourite in a TV show. I've been listening to the closing song, Fleetwood Mac's Landslide, almost every day since I watched that episode. It's such a beautiful song. Growing old is just so difficult.