Thursday, October 14, 2010

glee and guilty pleasures

I'm not entirely sure why I like Glee so much. The plot is practically non-existent, the songs' renditions are seldom remarkable, despite being very well chosen, and there's no husky daddy type for me to drool over. Heck, any supermanly dude would suffice, but on Glee there's none in sight. Some episodes are dreadful, like the Britney Spears tribute, which actually made me cringe. The excessive use of autotune is appalling at times. Anyway, quality-wise, the show is pretty bad, yet I eagerly look forward to each week's episode.

I think I like it because Glee is gay. I'm not into a lot of gay things, like partying, grooming, fashion and drug usage, but musicals in general – including Glee – are a gay thing I very much appreciate. While the show was a bit gay at first, boy, this second season is as gay as they get. Kurt seemingly wasn’t enough so they actually put lesbo stuff with cheerleaders. Definitely not something I’m personally interested in, but if it’s gay, it’s nice in my book. Besides, mainstream gay teenager TV shows might bring us a step closer to gay videogames, you never know!

My favourite part of this new season so far is probably the new character Sam Evans. He’s played by a kid called Chord Overstreet (he’s only 3 years younger than me, but calling him "kid" makes me feel so superior and mature!), is "Chord" even a name? Anyway, this might be a sign of me turning pedo and it's something I honestly never saw it coming, but Sam is Glee’s Taylor Lautner. You know, the young athletic boy that’s shirtless for most of his screen time and serves solely as eye-candy. Shameful confession: Lautner’s physique from the movie he bulked up onwards gives me a huge boner. At first I thought it was due to my fondness towards brown-skinned guys, but nah, I like him because he’s exploitable jailbait with a smoking body. I guess I really have pedo tendencies OMG.

Now, Chord Overstreet. He’s like a blond Lautner with gorgeous lips. I confess, I never noticed men even had lips before Chord, he REALLY should be taped sucking a dick 'cause with those lips it would be the best cocksucking tape ever. And if the hot lips weren’t enough, there’s still his heavily-exploited twinky body (he appeared in two episodes so far and in both of them he had shirtless scenes – oh, and he’s also shirtless on the next episode’s preview, he’s playing Rocky Horror for fuck’s sake!) and his dyed hair... well, basically, Chord is a piece of hot, objectified (I love objectified men) jailbait material, and the fact he’s exposing his torso almost all the time means Glee could be dropping homophobic slur and I would still watch it. Well, maybe not, but I would definitely get Chord’s shirtless pictures in for some quality masturbation material.

Even though Glee is deeply flawed and ultimately a bad show, it’s very gay-friendly, which is always a good thing. Plus, in an apparent effort to make up for the lack of male eye-candy in the first season, they decided to add the exploitable Chord Overstreet and the gorgeous Cheyenne Jackson (those eyes, those legs, that ass... man, I wish I were Nathan Lane) to the cast, and have a special guest appearance by the unbearably sexy Javier Bardem (*melts*), so, in the end, I guess I shouldn’t feel that guilty of watching it.

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