Sunday, June 20, 2010

random tidbits

- I have an essay to write, but whenever I lay my eyes on the texts I have to read I fall asleep like a narcoleptic dog. Studying sucks.

- Brazil x Ivory Coast just ended and, wow, it was a damn bloodbath. Didier Drogba, being the tall sexy muscular black man he is, was the only redeeming feature of that horrendous team. Appaling lack of sportsmanship. Bad refereeing was also bad.

- I started watching True Blood yesterday with by boyfriend and I was obviously instantly hooked. Sam Merlotte is the sexiest American man on TV right now, holy Jesus what a fine man. I only watched the first 5 episodes and I'm dying to see the rest. Sookie's grandmother is IDENTICAL to my late grandmother, it's spooky.

- August is coming up and to all Mens Love nerds, like myself, it means one thing: NatsuKomi! Personal God and part-time manga artist Shoutaroh Kojima already reported that he's trying his best to come up with a new book for the event. Thankfully, he says that every Comiket and he never failed to deliver so far - let's hope he's able to keep that perfect record. Drawn muscle oyaji porn by Kojiman, what else could a fanboy ask for?

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  1. Hey, babe! I miss you!!!! Come back soon! Hugs & Kisses!!