Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the voodoo shuffle‏

I've decided to finally level my Troll Priest now that you can send heirloom items through factions and the default WoW UI displays quest objectives. Dinged 26 yesterday, and I'm having a blast. He was originally Shadow-spec, not that it made much of a difference, still - but I quickly went Smite build with Glyph of Smite as soon as I learned Holy Fire at level 20. This way, with the same spec I can both grind mobs and heal random dungeons, which are by far the best source of XP these days (and if I queue as a healer I usually get a spot very fast). I gain like half a level worth of XP every run, plus a shot at getting blue gear. Healing is relatively easy at lower levels and healing is what I planned on doing anyway. In fact I'm consdering speccing Disc at 60 for Penance and just stick to healing instances to level.

The switch to Horde is... awkward. Trolls are completely awesome and Priests are an ideal fit IMHO (I would never pick another race), but I feel horrible on BGs. I'm an Alliance player at heart, I love the Alliance in spite of all its shortcomings. I feel particularly bad when I kill dwarves. I avoid doing that the best I can (except pesky Dwarf Hunters just LOVE to target me with their Aimed Shots... 50% healing reduction at level 26 is simply ridiculous).

I'm having lots of fun, maybe even more than I've had with raiding these days (farming ICC-10 already got old after three weeks). And with my crammed schedule this coming year, it might end up being my only WoW activity for a fairly long time.

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