Wednesday, April 27, 2011

doujin game by kojiman

Gay manga artist and personal god Shoutaroh Kojima said on Twitter he's thinking of making a doujin game.
Kojiman, one of my favourite things in the world, possibly making a game, ANOTHER of my favourite things in the world. Time to explode in joy already?

This post is now diamonds.

(he still doesn't know how to make a game, so it isn't properly an announcement, more of a request for suggestions on how to do it... still, diamonds!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

how to buy at surpara

Surfers Paradise is a website that sells digital doujinshi, much like Digiket. Its catalog seems to be a bit less diverse than Digiket, but Shoutaroh Kojima fans will rejoice - it carries the exact same Kojiman doujin as Digiket! In fact, he just released a new book, called Nicchi Bocchi Station 2 - it's an apparent sequel to his Bakuman. book called Nicchi Bocchi Station from April 2010, but instead of featuring the chubby Miura, this new release's hunk of choice is our beloved 16-year old muscle monster slash football player, Rikiya Gaou from Eyeshield 21.

The best part about SurPara is that, unlike Digiket, it accepts credit cards! No need to buy WebMoney to make purchases at SurPara: all it requires is a credit card and an email address. You don't even need to register (Digiket does if you want to use WebMoney, check my guide here). The whole ordering process takes all of five simple steps that I'll show in pretty self-explanatory screenshots.

1st step: click the red button to add the doujinshi you want to the cart. Doing this will take you to the next screen:

2nd step: click the button to proceed to checkout. Pretty straightforward right?

3rd step: check the box next to the red text. Fill the forms with your email address (my account worked just fine). Choose "Credit Card" as your payment mode, then click the button proceed.

4th step: make sure all the information is correct, then click the button to proceed.

Final step: fill the form with your credit card information. Cardholder name, credit card number and expiration date. Then click the button.

After this, check your email inbox. You should have received an email with the download link. Just follow it, download your quality porn and fap to your heart's content! Buying at SurPara is super easy, and cheaper than Digiket too since you're paying n yen instead of having to buy a 1000-yen WebMoney card for 1200 yen.

Monday, April 4, 2011

hunks work shop fan translation

A few people in the Bara Board are attempting to translate Hunks Work Shop. HWS is a generation-defining game and I doubt anyone with even the slightest interest in gay manga hasn't heard of it. I'm attached to it for several reasons. Masanori was my first exposure to "bara", before I knew it even existed, and for that he will always have a special place in my heart, together with Takeshi Matsu for being the first gay manga I bought, and obviously Shoutaroh Kojima for being my personal god and influencing my nerdlife so damn much. Back in the day, when we "bara" fans learned he was working on a gay eroge, everyone went completely insane. Our expectations were extremely high, and they were fully met with the game's release - I wasn't disappointed in any way, it is THAT good.

Niikura, in particular, is my everyone's waifu. Not only is he one of the hottest manga ever drawn, his backstory (cop turned yakuza godfather's bitch) is so awesome it deserves a full-blown manga. Heh, even Masanori seems to like him better than the rest. Occasionaly he would tease us with images from Niikura's past. This one is my favourite:

I wish them luck and success in their endeavour. Hunks Work Shop is amazing in every sense - I might be repeating myself, but I'm absolutely not exaggerating. People who haven't had the chance to play it due to the language barrier need to be able to do so, and I sincerely hope this translation will make it more accessible to people. Masanori is a genius and deserves recognition.

Funny that someone in the thread said HWS was the first thing he fapped to. It made me feel so old! I can't remember exactly the first thing I masturbated to, it was either to a Boris Vallejo barbarian or a perfume ad with shirtless sailors. I think I was 13 at the time. When I learned of "bara" I was 17 and already an accomplished fapper. It's amusing to think that young gay nerds these days start masturbating to gay manga. And they have so much of that just a few clicks away. I envy them a bit. :)