Wednesday, June 16, 2010


World Cup started, with all the expected fuss and chaos. Nothing new here. Those damn horns make watching the matches a MAJOR pain (I was watching England vs USA and after a few minutes I felt the intense desire to MURDER an African), but if I had to choose the one thing that makes me rage the most about World Cup it would be Brazilians rooting for Italy. Really, EVERY Brazilian has some Italian on it, only having an italian family name doesn't make you a unique snowflake, or truly Italian for that matter. Seeing those douchebags with NOTHING remotely Italian on them, no tradition, no language, no connection other than distant ancestry and a name calling themselves Italians is cringeworthy. Funny how this goes in line to what I said earlier about Brazilians not really liking to be Brazilian!

I refuse to support Italy solely due to the fact my great-grandparents were born there. I bet if I moved to Italy they would treat me as a second rate citizen anyway, fuck Berlusconi and fuck Italy. I hope they drop soon. I'm rooting for France, because Franck Ribéry is mai waifu (so ugly, but so awesome <3), and (Brazilians will hate) Argentina, because I love Maradona (...even though seeing him naked might be a disturbing mindfuck) and Lionel Messi is a frigging monster.

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