Friday, February 12, 2010

a hate list

I hate...

... how my PC crashed for the millionth time this Monday and is currently inoperant. When you consider it's only two years and four months old, it shouldn't crash THAT often. I'm having to do with my previous machine, which is close to EIGHT years old and still running (like a God-forsaken lethargic snail, but it's something). I ordered myself a new PC already, but since it's FUCKING CARNAVAL in Brazil (grrr) it won't arrive until next Friday the earliest.

... how Cabaret was never released in Brazil and I have no legal way to watch the damned movie. I will likely have to resort to a torrent... which probably won't even work in the typrewriter I'm currently making use of. Grrr.

... how fucking long it's taking for new Glee episodes to be aired, I want my Idina Menzel goodness already! I promise if she doesn't sing anything Wicked I'll maim a puppy. It doesn't even have to be Defying Gravity... I'm okay with The Wizard and I. (*feels giddy*)

... how it's either scorching hot in São Paulo or raining cats and dogs (or raining cats and dogs while being scorching hot - never frogs though and for that I'm glad - frogs are kinda bloated and creepy). To add insult to injury, the rain usually starts pouring the exact moment I set foot on the street as I leave work. Why does it even have to be that way?

Geez, I need to get laid. Thankfully it's almost Saturday!