Thursday, April 29, 2010

bakuman by kojiman

Shoutaroh Kojima, my own personal god, took us all by surprise and released a brand new doujinshi in Digiket: ニッチ・ボッチ・ステーション (Nicchi-Bocchi Station, whatever that means), featuring Miura from Bakuman. Nevermind the fact Miura is a chubby nerd in the series - in Kojiman's world even chubby nerds pack bodybuilder physiques! (and go to work with butt plugs up their rectums)

As a huge Shoutaroh Kojima fanboy, I couldn't conceive not making a day-one purchase (read: I skipped classes to buy it). Here's a sample!

You can make the purchase and check more sample artwork here, but be forewarned that Digiket has made sure foreigners will have to go though hell in order to make a purchase! Japanese hating foreigners? I know, right. You now have to be a member now to pay with WebMoney, the most readily available payment method for us foreigners. I'll try to write a tutorial later.

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