Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've just noticed the Up premiere here in my country was pushed back to September. September. I admit I never considered myself a Pixar fan - I always liked their movies but never found them particularly outstanding... until I saw Ratatouille. I cried like a little baby over the latter half of the movie, no idea why, it's not sad or particularly emotional, but I did. Needless to say it quickly became my favourite animation movie ever, and now I'm doing my best to catch the new Pixar releases. I saw WALL-E days after it was released, and while it's great, I don't feel it's up to Ratatouille level of greatness, despite being far better than almost every cartoon out there.

Up's plot summary caught my eye. A grumpy widower's soul search has all the "Wild Strawberries" potential to be good, in a lighthearted "Pixar" way. I'm trying to avoid any further information on the movie to be surprised when I finally watch it. I hope it meets my expectations, I'm sure it's capable of that.

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