Monday, June 15, 2009

criminal intent

I originally intended to play World of Warcraft as a Horde character. Specifically, a Troll Shaman. I'm fond of tribal themes and, from the descriptions, Shamans seemed cool as hell frozen over. Totems! Dual-wielding! Windfury! Shocks! Not to mention Trolls are goddamn sexy: how could I possibly not like lanky, bloodthirsty voodoo fellows with tusks and a Jamaican accent?

It happens that on our first day of gaming, we created a Human Priest for my boyfriend (he always plays with the priest/healer type of classes). The problem was that his priest was an Alliance character. Cross-faction cooperative play among Horde and Alliance being impossible, my Shaman would never be able to play with his Priest. So I ended up making a Human Rogue, solely in order to play with him. I figured I would still be able to play with my Shaman when I was by myself.

Fast-forward a couple weeks and I was completely addicted to the Rogue gameplay. He became my character of choice - my main. So much for being Horde!

To be honest, being a Human makes more sense: I'm a nice guy at heart (stupid, I know), and Alliance has that goodie-goodie feeling going on that's completely absent from Horde's ravished landscapes and shanty capitals. Once I got to Stormwind I just knew I belonged there. And, as much as I try to fight the urge, I always play the rogue/thief characters. It's inevitable - it's as if there were a voice in my head constantly asking "how could you NOT be a mobster when you are perfectly able to?". My great-grandparents must have been part of Cosa Nostra, it's likely in the blood.

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