Thursday, June 11, 2009

the sims and simulating life

The Sims 3 is great. My only family so far is (obviously) a gay couple - I'm always impressed how gay-friendly The Sims is. One of them has black hair, stubble and fair skin. The other is tanned, blond, with a goatee and glasses. Both of them have as much muscle as the game allows, which isn't that much, really. Dark-haired boy started as an outlaw, but he was caught and went to jail on his first day of work. That same day he received an offer to start a career in sport (he's very athletic), so he left the criminal life and is now a promising athlete. Tanned-blond boy is a geeky journalist who for some reason wants to have a baby with dark-haired boy. He's a great cook and is writing a science fiction novel.

Videogames in general are dirty fun, in the sense you waste your life doing something amusing but ultimately pointless. But The Sims epitomizes this notion: the gameplay revolves around nothing other than an extremely ordinary virtual life. It's meant to simulate the life of a regular person, as plain as it can be... but it's strangely enticing. I don't really get why it's fun, but it actually is, and I'm having a great time playing it.

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