Monday, June 1, 2009

small snippets of a busy life‏

- I spend every weekend at my boyfriend's house. I wouldn't even consider writing a post in there since I have much better things to do with him, and we don't see each other except on Saturdays and Sundays so I have to make every minute count. It means this blog to be solemnly abandoned by the end of each week... but I'll do my best to write a post every Monday. (I really wish weekends would last longer *sigh*)

- Since finding PUG Heroic runs for my Protection Warrior is turning out to be an exercise in frustration, Ulduar is shaping up to be the current focus my World of Warcraft life. We're stuck in Mimiron on 10-man, and, sadly, we seldom get enough people to run 25-mans: we downed Kologarn last week, but couldn't get past him this week. It's fun, certainly more than Naxxramas, but still nowhere close to T6 in TBC for me - tier 9 can't come soon enough! I have to admit my rogue's kicking major ass on the DPS meters, though, and that is certainly a lot of fun. After a whole tier of gimped DPS, finally I feel worthy of my raid spot.

- Speaking of World of Warcraft, it seems Ferraro, a popular Paladin blogger, especially notorious for being a very cute lady and working as a playtester at Blizz, was unveiled to be a phony. She had been stealing the pictures from a beautiful nerdy girl's blog and Facebook for over four years and, from what it seems, made up several stories - the latest being a very... unlikely tale about there actually being seven different Ferraros who passed the baton one to another over the two years. Her blog was always a very interesting read but not only I doubt that she will write again, even if she would, I don't think I'd read it with the same eyes.

- I bought Casablanca, a movie I've always wanted to watch, but I still haven't had the opportunity to watch it. I'm a huge fan of old movies (my favourite film ever being It's a Wonderful Life), and I'm highly anticipating this one.

- My next post on the Mens Love memoirs should be up by Wednesday. I'm loving to dig up those memories. I'm thinking of writing a lot more about Mens Love in this blog than I originally planned to. Maybe with pictures? Rainbow Shoppers's emails about my points to redeem into discounts have also been tempting me into buying more Japanese porn... but after spending 10 dollars on a book and FIFTY dollars on shipping (yes, five times the book's price) last month, I'm kinda weary of falling in this trap again.

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