Thursday, May 21, 2009

world of cocaine

I started playing World of Warcraft back in October 2007. Back then, my life was devoid of any obsessions besides the usual ones that have become so everyday they can barely be considered true obsessions anymore - namely, oyaji and porn. My nerd life felt very empty. A few months earlier that year I had started my current job. After paying my debts, I decided to burn all the leftover money in a new PC and two WoW CD-Keys. One was for myself, the other, for my boyfriend.

We've been hopelessly addicted ever since.

WoW is a remarkable gaming experience. Even if you are a hater (and there's a lot of those), it's hard not to recognize it has some very strong qualities. My previous MMO experience was limited to Ragnarok Online (*vomits*) and the scale of immersion just can't be compared. It makes you feel attached. Everything in Wow seems built to make you crave for more, no wonder it is and has been such a huge sensation.

But, truth be told: WoW is a horrible thing. It can turn you into a lifeless zombie. It might end up becoming something too important in your daily schedule, to the point of making you eschew every other form of entertainment you used to enjoy just to play WoW. The worst part? You won't mind it being a brainless, Blizzard-controlled monkey, because it's the kind of horrible thing that you enjoy. Kinda like drugs.

I don't think I would recommend World of Warcraft to anyone, as I'm fully aware of the dangers of addiction. But I'm a lost cause myself... and that's part of the reasons I decided to start this blog: it can serve as a healthy alternative to WoW. Other videogames these days don't thrill me anymore, I'd rather play WoW that the crap developers have been constantly delivering. Could writing a blog about things I like - videogames and guys - be the cure to my disease? Time will tell. :)

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