Thursday, May 28, 2009

dancing with the stars

I must be an oddball among nerds, since I had no previous knowledge of Star Trek whatsoever. I had a very neutral stand on the series: it never seemed to be something I needed to watch, but it wasn't something I would never watch. I knew nothing at all about it, yet I never felt compelled to get to know it. But it wasn't something I would avoid at all costs.

I got excited about the movie when I read somewhere that it was reminiscent of Star Wars. Not because I'm a Star Wars fanboy either, I watched each movie exactly once and that's it for my SW experience (although I must admit I'm looking forward to the to-be-released Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic). But rather because I thoroughly enjoy the very "Indiana Jones" feeling of the SW movies. I can't really describe it (and maybe it's the Indiana Jones movies that have a SW feeling?), but, in a sense, I'm less interested on the details of the stories themselves (Jedi, aliens, the Force etc) than on how the stories are. And I was expecting the Star Trek movie to convey the same silly, pulpy feeling too.

After watching it, I must say I wasn't disappointed. Maybe the Trekkies didn't like the movie very much. But me, a Star Trek virgin? I loved every moment. It does have the feeling I was hoping for, and the fact Kirk is terribly hot, in an overgrown teenager sort of way, didn't exactly get in the way. Even though I didn't feel attached to the character as an old time fan would, I loved every single dialogue of Old Spock.

...but, to me, the doctor Leonard McCoy was the highest point of the movie. Not only the character himself is terribly fun (the "ordinary guy thrown into a mess" type of character always get me), the actor, Karl Urban, whom I didn't know previously, is exceedingly sexy. On the first scene he appears, I was this close to melting on my seat - that facial hair, oh my God. Montgomery Scott was also a sweet character (I also have a thing for the token comic Brit - geez I like everything) played by that cutie called Simon Pegg.

Here's highly anticipating a sequel.
(preferably one with more scenes involving Scotty and McCoy!)

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