Monday, May 25, 2009

pride and joy

Apparently today's the Geek Pride Day!

I think of myself as primarily a videogame nerd. I'm not always up-to-date with technologic gadgets, I don't care much about Star Trek (never watched anything on it before the movie last week), Star Wars or Lord of the Rings (I actually fell asleep on the second movie and couldn't get past the first 50 pages in the books), I've never played those type of Role Playing Games you buy books and roll dices (only card games, like Pokémon and Magic: the Gathering - I've played a fair amount of those). I guess I could be considered a "retired otaku", since back in the day I've read lots of manga and followed several anime series - I've even done cosplay! But after many years I've burned out and I don't care that much about Japanese media (except Japanese porn), at least not nearly as much as when I was a teenager.

However, videogames have always been a part of my life, and still are. I started playing NES and SEGA MasterSystem back when I was 5, and I don't think I've never spend more than a month (maybe even a week) without playing a game. We gamers are seemingly a type of geek that's not as widely regonized as the others I've mentioned above, but, still, we're very important - didn't videogames recently surpass Hollywood movies in sale figures and are now among the largest entertainment industries? It's time every nerd started to show proper respect to us game geeks. :)

I should have celebrated by not going to work or class and indulging myself in a 16-hour WoW marathon. But I didn't - too bad. Regardless, may all fellow geeks have a very pleasant and nerdy day. :)

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