Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a simple introduction

After debating for a long time, I decided to make a blog.

I'm Red, a huge nerd from São Paulo, Brazil who happens to be gay. I'm rather clueless when it comes to most gay stuff, but I'm as geeky as they get. Expect most of my posts to deal with nerdy stuff, especially videogames (I'm a videogame fanatic almost since birth), with some gay stuff thrown in between.

For starters, here's a short explanation on the meaning of the blog's title. The "complex" part is meant to be a pun on lolikon, or "lolita complex": a sexual attraction to underage girls, fairly common among otaku. However, the object of my attraction is the polar opposite of underaged girls - it's overaged guys. There's not a precise Japanese term for that "fetish". So I took the liberty of making one up, just for kicks, and for that I used the japanese word for "daddy": oyaji (check the Wikipedia entry for a more through explanation, examples included). Oyaji tends to be used by my fellow gay nerds to refer to the typical older characters in manga, anime and videogames - usually bearded, muscular and gruffy. I have an unhealthy fixation on oyaji - which basically means I really like old guys (not only, of course, but I'm especially fond of them).

I'll try to write a proper post later.

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