Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dragon age: frustration

Dragon Age: Origins, the game I was anticipating the most this month (hell - this year), was released on November 13th here in Brazil. As of today, 11.17, trying to find a copy is a pointless endeavour, since absolutely no store has it in stock. Not because it was sold out or anything - everywhere I go I'm told it isn't out yet.

Videogaming is so neglected around here it's no surprise every-goddamn-body pirates. My Xbox360 isn't modded, I can't run pirates, but I'd be inclined to flash it if not for the massive Halloween ban wave. It's been ages since I've wanted to purchase Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for some coop bonanza with my boyfriend (a major Marvel fan who loved X-Men Legends), but it's being sold for almost R$ 300. That's about 171 US Dollars. One-hundred seventy one dollars for the exact same game I would pay $60 in a decent civilized country. Modding your Box is like, one-fifth the price.

Admittedly, I could have bought DAO through Steam, but overall I find Steam slightly... uncomfortable., for no particular reason. Besides, I want the premium edition that comes in a nice box with some silly extras (that make all the difference, really). But it's no good, no place is selling it yet. Even though it's supposed to be out for days.

Alistair, I need you so goddamn much. Gimme the stupid game already!
(I'm so into Alistair I was almost willing to forsake all my moral beliefs and go female, just to romance him - why the hell do we gay guys have to fuck a fruity elf instead of a gorgeous, manly human? Down with gay elf stereotypes already! Anyway, human males turn me on to a degree I could never bother rolling a skank just for a dude. A sexy and cuddly dude nonetheless... ahh, I need a gay mod for Alistair :p)

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