Tuesday, August 18, 2009

summer fever

Two short remarks regarding NatsuKomi.

- Kojima Shoutaroh didn't get to print his new doujinshi in time, so the Bang Shishigami "book" I mentioned earlier was being sold in CD-ROM form only. This means I didn't really miss the unique opportunity to first-hand purchase the actual book, since... well, there isn't an actual book. And the digital doujin is already for sale on Digiket! I need my WebMoney, and I need it now.

- Mizuki Gai, the best-selling artist from Honey Come Bingo, had a new doujinshi for sale. If that alone wasn't good enough, I was... thrilled, to say the least, when I found out it's a frigging Chris Redfield book. So, lemme think it straight: the most popular artist these days just published a book that features the most popular kinniku-kei character these days. Yeah, colour me "slightly" excited. I hope it's for sale on Rainbow Shoppers, as his doujinshi usually are. I sure will buy a copy day one! Needless to say, the cover was enough to make me shiver in anticipation. Here's a cropped sample from his blog:


  1. Jesus christ, I really have to find some way to make it to Comiket (well, Japan in general) one of these years. Surpara and Digiket just can't beat the real experience.

  2. Gun and Despaire is now up on Rainbow Shoppers!