Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my passion

NatsuKomi 76 will take place later this week and my personal God, Shoutaroh Kojima, released a preview of his new doujinshi, a Bang Shishigami (from BlazBlue) book.

New Kojiman artwork always make my day. Always. The world could be ending, but if Kojima posted a new sketch of his I would pay no mind. This preview almost made me forget the frustration of not being able to purchase the book - Comiket doujinshi usually have an extremely short print and aren't sold anywhere else, although Kojima did say he will try to sell it online. But even if he did, it isn't the same thing as having the actual book.

Don't miss the whole pic out (or rather, the collection of cropped pics) in his pixiv account if you happen to be a member of the site!

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