Monday, February 20, 2012

nikutai ha gachi volume 2

I didn't know but Nikutai Ha Gachi (肉体派ガチ), the brand-new version of our good old mens love anthology Nikutai Ha (肉体派), has its own section in in Aqua Comics' website. I saw there that Nikutai Ha's first volume was released in 2005. Two thousand five. Considering I was already a seasoned veteran from the Kinniku Otoko days back when Nikutai Ha launched, that sure makes me feel old.

In any case, Nikutai Ha Gachi's 2nd volume is out in a couple days (February 23rd), and the cover is drawn by our very own fan favourite, Shoutaroh Kojima!

This issue's theme is 雄尻 ("oshiri"), or, from what I could understand, "male asses". I can't say I don't appreciate their choice.