Tuesday, October 6, 2009

it's a wonderful life

I actually spent a whole month without writing anything. There are a few reasons for the prolonged absence.

- I was on vacation throughout September. This blog was created as a way to cool off while working: every single entry I published here was written during idle hours at work. Since I had the whole month off, I was already pretty cooled off with gaming marathons and overslept mornings... and that kinda defeated the purpose of writing.

- I'm back to work right now... but they blocked access to Blogspot in my absence. The firewall is - or rather, was based on a whitelist: we had a list of allowed sites, and anything that wasn't on that distinct category was off-limits. But, alas, they decided to blacklist a few terms, one of them being "blog". So access is denied to any website with the word "blog" in it, even those who were previously okay, such as blogspot.com (it's a Google website, and everything Google was formerly whitelisted).

- I'm slightly depressed due to returning to my job. And I don't mean specifically my job (it's the same old boring crap - nothing changed... or will ever, I think), working in itself makes me depressed. I miss my early days at college. I could slack off all. Day. Long. And maybe even study, if I had time left over! Growing up and having to work in order to pay the bills majorly sucks.

- I'm slightly depressed due to returning to my country. New York City is (almost) everything I ever wanted in a city. Its quality far outweight its flaws, it's not even funny to compare it with São Paulo. I'll write a proper post later... I've been setting that back for a while, since even thinking of New York makes me sad I'm not there anymore. Writing a full post on the trip will make me wanna kill myself - or immigrate. Those American blonde hunks are really something else entirely.

While this outlet of rants and memoirs won't be completely forsaken, right now I'm as uninspired as I can get. Add to the fact that I can't seem to register to Xbox Live (I bought an Xbox 360 Elite in NYC), three quality members of my guild stopped playing and I have to resort to farming regular 10-mans when we could perfectly shoot for Trial of the Crusader Heroic, and yeah... life sure is exciting these days.

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