Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've grown addicted to reading about New York, which is one of the reasons I've been neglecting this blog (utter lack of inspiration being the other). My boyfriend and I are going to NYC to celebrate our fourth anniversary and I haven't been as enthusiastic in years. I read everything about the city I can find, and it's been delightful.

Here at work, some people expressed to me their disdain about New York. They say we already live in a huge city (the largest one in our country by far, in fact) and New York is supposedly "nothing but a big city". But, wait... isn't being "nothing but a big city" a whole damn lot? I'm 100% urban. I've studied in the countryside for a year and I despised every moment. I love large cities, they entrance me. It's in my blood. So thinking I'll be in the world's most iconic big city in less than two months excites to no end.

In my mind, New York is a city that works. As much as I love São Paulo, it's several flaws are undeniable. The most glaring, in my opinion, and the ones I think NYC is better than here, are public transportation and crime. But I've never been to NYC, or even to America (my only experience abroad was a month in London back when I was 15), so I possibly have an ideal depiction of NYC that might not be close to the cold harsh reality. Still, for the following month and a half, New York might as well remain the urban paradise it is in my dreams. :)

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